Like to play games to repel boredom? Now you can also get side income by playing games. The following games are lightweight browser games (do not overload your internet quota) and easy to play. In addition you have the opportunity to earn money and prizes. These paid to play games are also free for join! 
So just check them out by click on the game’s title.

Game description: You play as a treasure hunter who roamed the halls of the dark dungeons, fighting monsters and get the Gold, it can be converted into DOLLAR currency. One of you task is to complete a dungeon within 10-15 minutes. Each day you will be given a dungeon. GOLD is found to be accumulated, and the end will be converted to DT $ (Dungeons, Treasures DOLLAR). DT $ can be exchanged into real money (in €) to your account, via PayPal or AlertPay.

Game Description: Mafia themed game played the same way with the TR-Mafia. In this game you play as a "criminal" who is "struggling" to become a true mafia. Prize and bonus money you can get from the competition every three months. Every months, the player who was ranked the top 10 (in a specified category) POINTS CAUSE entitled to be converted in to real cash. It's easy and fun. You can also collect CREDIT CAUSE can be sold to other players to get a real cash.

Game Description: You become an explorer who mine the planet Mars volcanoes, attack the headquarters of other players and win (or join) to get  MARS dollar (MD). MD can be converted to the original dollar and transferred to your PayPal account you can also collect cards that can be exchanged for bonus. Various bonuses are also offered. Bonus prizes such as Ipod, $ 50 cash, and the DVD player is an example of a gift given by the game developers